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What's New at Blackberry Ridge

Revised 8/15/23

We changed the name of most of our Lace Weight yarns to Light Fingering/Lace Weight because people have come to expect Lace weight to be a bit thinner. We have also added a number of new colors of 1 oz Wool Light Fingering/Lace Weight Yarn This is the new Garden Vest in Goldenrod by Anne Bosch. With a pocket! This is the new Cotton Blend Bandana Cowl also by Anne Bosch
We've added two new shades of naturally dyed Botanical Yarns - Pale Goldenrod and Bright Goldenrod. We are having a 20% discount on Cotton Blend yarn for the month of April These are the Shady End Cowls by Anne Bosch, two variations on a tubular cowl pattern.
We've had a flat shipping fee of $6 for all yarn and kits for quite a long time, even as the cost of mail has increased.  We now are raising our fee to $6 for orders of $40 or less, $10 for orders larger than that in the United States.  We still have free shipping for orders that are only patterns or yarns samples within the USA, and are still charging customers outside the USA whatever the actual cost of mailing is. 
This is the Convertible Hat and Neck Gaiter pattern and kit, by Anne Bosch, which converts to a hat by pulling an I-cord closed. We've added the Autumn Evening Cardigan Pattern by Anne Bosch We've added the Autumn Flowers Hat Pattern and Kits by Anne Bosch, with two colorways in undyed yarns with Botanical Dyed contrast colors.
We've added the Shady End Shawl by Anne Bosch We have added medium and fingering weight yarn dyed with Madder Root to our Botanical Dyed Yarns Our Botanical Natural Dyed Yarn -  Last fall we collected and prepared dyes from Walnuts and Goldenrod from our local area. In the past few weeks, we have been using some of these extracts to dye some of our medium weight and fingering weight 100% wool yarns which are 90% Merino and 10% colored Corriedale


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